F-droid or Aurora Store? Which do you prefer on your Android sevice, and why?

I haven't really used F-droid at all other than to install Aurora Store myself. But I'm curious to learn the differences and why one would choose each.

@LibreLife I use F-Droid, love throwing in custom signed repos like Bromite browser and Bitwarden.

@LibreLife I tried Aurora for a while, but meh, seemed more bloated.

F-Droid for anything that I can find in F-Droid, Aurora Store otherwise.
F-Droid need "manual" updating of apps, but other than that seems good.

@LibreLife I prefer to use F-droid as my primary app store, but I also need some proprietary apps, so I'd use Aurora Store for that case. Well, at least I use free software to install non-free software. :)

@LibreLife Definitely mainly F-droid, simply because it makes looking at/for apps much less of a headache regarding trackers. Just watch out for the time since the last update and read the anti-features list.

Aurora usually if I need something specific e.g. App from Vendor XY to access something or alike.

@LibreLife they're not really comparable and it's fine to use both.
I use Fdroid as my primary app source and aurora for the apps I _have_ to get from "the play store", I.e. banking and parking apps
@LibreLife should have elaborated on why theyre different -
aurora is just a front end for the play store, you can get any play store app from it, its just the play store with an "anonymous" option really.

fdroid is a "store" for pre-compiled open source apps, you won't find the apps like WhatsApp or Paypal in there as they're not open source.
sure, you can run most of your apps from fdroid, I do, but there's likely to be something you need a proprietary apps for in which case you _need_ to use aurora (or similar)

@paul I understand what you were getting at. I know they are different but also serve the same task, downloading apps.

Just trying to see what everyone else's setup is and why they choose the apps/store they prefer.

I appreciate you breaking it down though, definitely helps.

@LibreLife F-droid gives you foss apps, such as aurora store. Aurora store is just a clone of the google play store.

@LibreLife F-Droid has a catalog of proven open-source applications. Aurora just installs whatever Google Play has, which most often hasn't been audited whatsoever.

Do you mean Aurora Droid?
Since Aurora Store is a play store replacement.

@danialbehzadi I had never heard of Aurora Droid prior to a couple of hours ago actually.

If so, I only use F-Droid. The only exception is this app which I'm trying to include it in F-Droid too:

@LibreLife I first check if it is on F-Droid because there is FLOSS apps there and they also rate privacy I think. If not there, I go to Aurora

@LibreLife F-droid in all my devices, I try to live my digital life only with Libre/FOSS software so I use AOSP vanilla roms and almost all the apps from F-droid.

I use like 3 or 4 apps from aurora but I am searching for an alternative.

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