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So, this is my . I'm just someone looking around on Mastodon and might find something interesting. I'm interested in computers and I'm a fan of and . I play games and sometimes program a little bit in my free time.

Why are some toots not displayed when I view a user from a different instance?

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My favourite F-Droid apps:

☆ NewPipe
☆ AntennaPod
☆ Syncthing
☆ Markor
☆ p!n
☆ Pdf Viewer Plus
☆ Simple Gallery Pro
☆ Simple Calendar Pro
☆ Slide
☆ Tusky
☆ Twidere X
☆ Fritter
☆ Loop Habit Tracker
☆ Goodtime

What are yours?

#fdroid #android #opensource #foss #floss #libre #libresoftware #mobile #mobileapp #syncthing #newpipe

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o.o haven't been here for quite a while. Things have been hectic. But I made a lot of progress on many fronts. And yup, I made more art. Here is one of my recent pieces. "Inner Projections".

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Glowing headbands that read your mood? Velcro slippers tracking toddlers' movements? Surveillance of children is getting more and more minute, and it's at to your child's school too. Support #FreeSoftware

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OK #mastodev and other Coders. Now is the time to help.

Download this zip file linked to below - Trump was forced by Eugen to honor the GPL.

And see if you see any other fuckery #TrumpSocial is likely to bring, or whatever else has been added to this fork.

Then we can use this as a thread to all compare notes.

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Am I the only one who thinks Signals ui has improved much better than Whatsapp's ui, or is that the fanboy in me?

It's kind of fun to edit your profile picture

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There are two kinds of people in this world. People who help people. And, people who let people know that they “want” to help people.

Example 1:

Tom: *walks by carrying something heavy.*
Jerry: “Do you need help with that?”
Tom: “No, Ive got it. Thanks.”
Jerry: “No problem, Mate.”

Jerry doesn’t really want to help. What they really want is to not feel guilty about not helping. So, instead they offer up an obligatory display of “good intentions.” Tom quickly dismisses this not wanting to be a burden to Jerry. In the end, it is Tom who ends up helping Jerry not feel insecure about being a bystander to their burden.

Now, Tom could be honest and say “Yeah, I need help.” But the difference between want and need may be the deciding factor.

The question for me is: do I want to be the kind of person that is there for others only when they need me, or, do I want to be there for them when they want me AND when they need me.

Example 2:

Bob: *walks by carrying something heavy.*
Terry: *Gets up and starts helping them.”
Bob: “Thanks, Terry.”
Terry: “No prob, Bob. It looked heavy.”

Jerry offers help out of obligation. Terry offers help because they’ve got a good heart.

I have found that people tend to accept help more when it is offered in action instead of words.

It shows a higher level of investment in their lives.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


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Nheko 0.9.0 is out! A lot of people contributed to it, so check it out on Flathub or here:

The changelog is slightly longer than 500 characters, but look forward to lots of E2EE improvements, room directory support, custom sticker packs, token authenticated registration, new icons, jdenticons, animated images, accepting knocks, limited spaces support, message forwarding, a new media player and a lot more! 🐈‍⬛

Small question from my side!
The first time you join mastodon and don't follow anyone, there is a list of user recommendations. Can you still access it after it doesn't show up anymore?If yes, where is it/which url?

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Was looking for an audio converter on Linux. Found winff-gtk2, minimal dependencies and a great little app. Nice!

Today my classmates asked me wheter I want to play an online game with them. Ofcourse we would communicate over Discord but since I said I don't have an account on there anymore because of reasons, they started to make me look ridiclous choosing not to have one because "but they already have all your data". But what am I supposed to tell if I'm the only one who thinks this way?

Thanks for anyone who reads this and have a great day

There's one thing that annoys me being conscious: When people don't respect your decision not to use proprietary and privacy invasive software and being always left out because these platforms are dominating the market.

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News update: the north-German state of Schleswig-Holstein plans to switch to open source software, including LibreOffice, in its administration and schools. Learn more:

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We have updated our Android and iOS apps so that you may now open the app with fingerprint and pin unlock. Please share widely as this new feature is opt-in. Happy encrypting! 😍🥳

I feel like something is missing in my home page :blobono:

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I've put this on #reddit and it goes viral with 25k likes. #mastodon thank me later, my inbox has 500 questions about #fediverse and co.

Some help would be nice.


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