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(8.0) with desktop enviroment installation successful. Everything works fine, even the WiFi!!
Thanks to h-node and to the generous person documented my Laptop model on the h-node website, making me aware that it supports 100% fully free distro.
Unfortunaty I still have propritary firmwares, and Intel Management Engine, so Freedom is not absolute. But we'll keep demanding our computer .

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Trisquel 8 is nice and stable.
Currently trying Trisquel 9 Beta and it has some issues, but what can I expect from a beta :)

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My guys are not working time shows that today is January 19, 2009. I tried to configure in the settings and put the manual does not work, it is reset, the automatic time setting is not configured. How to fix it?

[LIVE] Coronavirus Pandemic: Real Time Counter, World Map, News - YouTube

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- News: GNU Health HMIS patchset 3.6.3 released with coronavirus COVID-19 coding information [Savannah]

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