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Russian scientists have found some well-preserved fossils of an adult wooly mammoth in the remote Yamal Peninsula above the Arctic Circle


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All voters should cast their votes up and down the ballot for Democratic alternatives to Republican candidates. Republicans need a political thrashing, a resounding rejection.

Send your mail ballot early or take it to your county board of elections, if you can. If we are forced to polls, we will mask up and get there.

Postal employees are warning that new procedures put in place by a Trump ally could undermine their ability to deliver ballots in time for the election:

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From the ACLU

"BREAKING: A federal court just issued a restraining order on the federal agents in Portland, Oregon.

We said we would deploy the full firepower of the ACLU in this fight to save our democracy — and we meant it.
The ruling, which comes in a case brought by the ACLU_OR, temporarily blocks federal agents from attacking or arresting journalists and legal observers at Portland protests.

We'll keep fighting until these protections are permanent."

Look online for cabin in the woods to get away and find some peace and quiet. The time comes, you go to the cabin. The occupants of the next cabin over are blasting music outdoors, constantly.

Y'all, I'm trying to hear this rain and these crickets. Please go drop the Bluetooth speaker in your campfire.

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As a general rule if you see the word "happy" in a work email it's a tip off that the containing sentence is a lie.

Next liquid to mix with plain soda stream carbonated water:

We've had a soda stream for ages and the flavors we've gotten to go with the plain carbonated water (it does that very well) been mostly disappointing. Today I mixed the plain water with equal parts fireball whiskey. Just like that I understand. This is why you get a soda stream.

Crooks rifled through my car and stole my knock off eBay Ray-Bans. I just hope that during these trying times they were professional enough to be wearing hand and face coverings.

Wife has moved on to watching "Rizzoli and Isles". This show showed me how the "men writing women" thing feels when reversed. The "playful" music during the banal banter is excruciating. This show should be used as a less humane torture than waterboarding. FFS how did it get so many seasons?

A lot of businesses have it rough right now, but it's gotta be really bad for Chuckie Cheese. No one in the history of ever has been like, "let's go to Chuckie Cheese because the pizza is so good". They're available for take out but you know no one is on that phone.

Smallville is really annoying. Just me? Wife has been watching it. That theme music is the reason streaming services should have an "always skip the intro for this series" option. Plus, there's that one guy (Clark's dad?) that sounds like Ron Swanson so I always look up thinking it's him just to get disappointed.

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@Dorx @phlegmaticvolk The #PinebookPro is still shipping with a modified version of Debian 9. However, Manjaro and many other standard distros work perfectly well too. :)

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Got handed a stack of free broken laptops a little while back - nowt majorly wrong, one needed a new hard drive, batteries replaced, couple ribbon cables, NBD. One was a HP Envy.

Its touchpad has a sharply ridged texture of concentric circles, like a Fresnel lens.

What kind of sadistic weirdo would make a thing like that?!

@phlegmaticvolk The looks interesting. I wonder if there's a way to play with their OS before buying the hardware. It's a reasonable cost for a laptop.


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