Yep, we can proudly announce the Codeberg Pages Server v2, now available to the public.

It comes with custom domains (!), serving from your different branches, repos and more.

Check it out at 💙

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From to : Posting SoundRTS, a Real-time strategy audio game written in Python. Multi-platform, server works on Windows and Linux, the game client works best on Windows.

"I love #FreeSoftware, therefore I host all my #FLOSS projects on a proprietary platform like #GitHub or"

Not quite your opinion? Feel free to join today, a growing community of #developers, #hackers and other Free Content creators.

🟡 Today, we're starting the process of refusing End-Of-Life relays in the Tor network.
Relays not using a current Tor version (0.3.5, 0.4.5, 0.4.6, and 0.4.7) are affected.

Relay operators: If your relay was part of the EOL list, please upgrade to a supported version and ideally our latest stable in order to rejoin the network.

If you need any help, please feel free to open a new topic on the Tor Forum or email tor-relays mailing list.

Coming up in a couple of months: a shiny new major version of LibreOffice! Here's the first beta release – give us a hand to test it, and squash any bugs:

What is freedom 2? The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor.

Other platforms call it "Pro" and take your money, we call it "Membership" and give you participation.

Interested in becoming a member of the legal entity behind the platform, Codeberg e.V.? Have a look at!

As a thank you to the Tor community, we're sharing three wallpapers for you to download and use as you wish. 💜

No donation is required to download, but if you love these wallpapers, please consider a $5 donation in the name of privacy online.


We're #thankful for the emoji input method that was recently introduced into #Emacs 29. Oh, brave GNU world, that has such faces in it!

Whether you eat turkey, Tofurkey, or portobello puff pastries, we all benefit from free software. #thankful

Thank you for believing in us, you picked rather high numbers here on Mastodon 😉

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During the runtime of this poll, we crossed 1.5 million actions in the database.
It holds 1.506.469 now to be more exactly, increasing every few seconds due to your awesome contributions to the world of #FLOSS! 💙 Thank you very much!

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LibreOffice 7.2.3 is now available, with over 100 bugfixes and compatibility improvements. Learn more and download it:

I was able to create my first repository on despite the issues! It appears that at least some of the problems can be fixed by changing browsers.

@CaptainStormblade Hey there, yes we are currently having an accessibility issue - that's why we currently ask users to email us if they are unable to solve the captcha. We do not currently want to switch to a captcha service with decreased privacy.

We are tracking accessibility issues in, but things have been moving slowly. As far as I know, the Gitea maintainers have found an accessibility lead recently, so I hope this issue can get resolved soon.

Dear #Codeberg Pages Users:

If your "pages" repo is currently private, please note that we will stop displaying the content of these repos in the next days.

Please switch the repo visibility to public if you want to continue using Codeberg Pages.

Thank you!

Now available to download: the LibreOffice Calc Guide 7.2! Over 500 pages of spreadsheet goodies, to help you get more from the suite:

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