@kensanata @Gina looking at the distribution of wealth in the world is enough to turn anyone communist.

The eight richest people on the planet have as much money as the poorest 3.5 BILLION of the Earth's population. So eight people own half the planet, basically.

Not eighty. Eight.

Jeff Bezos' personal wealth rivals that of many countries entire economies. That's *so* much money.

Hi everyone, I'm off the grind, and that also means I'm off the dole. I'm running out of money, and I'm looking for a job.

If anyone needs a sysadmin with 6 years of professional and 18 years of hobbyist experience, please send me a DM.

My toolset includes (but is not limited to) the following:

- Nginx
- Caddy
- MySQL / MariaDB
- Proxmox VE
- OpenVPN
- BIND (named)
- PowerDNS
- Postfix
- Exim4
- Dovecot
- 3proxy
- HAproxy
- Quagga/Bird (limited, but still)
- Apache
- ejabberd
- Nagios (nrpe, nsca)
- IPtables
- Logrotate
- systemd
- Nextcloud

I'm open to learning new stuff.

Please repost if nothing else!

A few weeks ago I mentioned wanting to set up a UT ‘99 server. That is now a reality. It’s running on a DO droplet using ubuntu 20.04 game is v451, no mods, deathmatch. I’m working on adding a voting plugin in the near future. Also, it doesn’t seem to show up in the server browser. It’s @ Just to go to Multiplayer, Connect To and paste the IP in the dialog and its off to the races. Enjoy!

So at my day job we’re looking to integrate a password manager to stream line our uses authentication into our systems and also reduce the number of passwords they have to remember (and also strengthen them). We’re looking for a self hosted program, browser plugins, LDAP/Domain authentication. Currently eyeing team password manager. Anyone have some FOSS recommendations or have some experience with team password manager?

New on here, any recommendations for good follows?

I work in IT, like a lot of people here probably do, and I always push for the FOSS option every project we undertake. So that’s why I made my original post, I just felt conflicted. My kids desktop will remain on Win 10 until I can find a reasonably priced DNS service for net filtering. Also, I’ve recently rekindled my love for Unreal Tournament (99 and 04)...So I want to set up a server, anyone here have some best practices for setting one such server up?

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So sorry for the time between posts, it was finals week for me and I was tied up between school, work and family. I have switched my personal desktop to Ubuntu 20.04 (although a migration to Manjaro seems likely). I figure I can live without playing the latest CoD on PC as the multiplayer will dry up when this years comes out (and there’s no dedicated servers). I’d rather practice what I preach and actually USE FOSS instead of convincing everyone else it’s the way to go.

Cont. My reason for doing so are probably not the best but they matter to me. I play CoD and I have some games that use proprietary launchers. On the other hand I understand how Win 10 harvests and sells usage data and think I value my privacy? I guess in short am I part of the problem in doing this and do I actually belong here?

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So I’m having a bit of a mental tug of war here. I like Linux and have used it often in the past. However, this past year I’ve realized I don’t run a single linux machine in my house now. I’ve got my kids set up with a Win 10 desktop because Win 10 has some great parental control features ie., limiting screen time, blocking domains, (without using DNS stuff and as long as you’re using edge) and reporting usage activity. On my personal desktop I run Win10 as well.

You can edit your network configuration in /etc/network/interfaces and
enable your changes by issuing the command sudo /etc/init.d/networking

Also been doing some jogging since the gyms are closed. Photo was taken in my driveway during a run.

Oh the joys of working healthcare IT. This btw is the hematology tower from our lab. Any guesses as to what is adhered to side panel there?

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