The hardest part about trying to migrate off the big platforms is trying to keep all my stuff synced on my devices. I've gotten really spoiled by that. What are the most common/popular solutions to this?

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Getting a lot of suggestions for Syncthing and Nextcloud, so I'll be looking into those. Thanks all!

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@selea Good question! I guess mostly documents, bookmarks, and music/podcasts/playlists. Those large files are the biggest hassle.

@AzureAlmond @selea The best I’ve been able to come up with is a cobblepodge of different platform-specific file sync solutions like Dropbox, with a box running all those clients, and Unison jobs to sync data across them all. It isn’t great, but with iOS in my personal fleet, I don’t have any good singular options.

If all your devices can run decent syncthing clients, that’s what I’d do these days.

@AzureAlmond @selea For data that’s silo’d in apps instead of accessible as a file system, I’ve got no good answer except for maybe bookmarks.

I used to use Xmarks a long time ago, but meh; I no longer rely much on bookmarks, and I’m way past running a monolithic browser profile. That said, I’ve started thinking about using xbrowsersync to back up and hoist my browsing personas out of specific browsers, but I don’t know enough about it to recommend it yet though.

@AzureAlmond #Nextcloud does it pretty well for my needs...

Pictures( tho these are pretty much one-way from my phone to cloud)
General files

I really like syncthing for any frequently updated text files. I use it to keep my todo lists and notes in sync on phone and computers. It requires no central server and syncs directly between devices.

@AzureAlmond for files, contacts and calendars I selfhost Nextcloud, otherwise if in search for a provider, is good, using it as a backup for my own cloud
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