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@bill I have no words. The only words I can think of are for your friend: "Stay safe, I hope things go better for you, take the support from those that believe in you." I hope things go better for him from now on

@icedquinn To that, you can add the panopticon that states and corporations got on the population through advertising platforms, mass surveillance systems and mandatory backdoors.

And beyond even that, you can see the financial market, provisioning those decisions with a strong cash flow and a constant whisper of lobbying.

Nowadays, he who mastered information, both in obtaining it and is carefully spreading it is the most powerful lever of them all

Our age is the age of headless representatives. Idols crowned of gold by the media, unaware of the existences beneath their success, manipulators of masses or just able to hire those manipulators.

Those manipulators are nowadays but technomancers, who can read the future from the cyberspace and identify the trends to ride to get elected. This is the reason why I say that the cyberpunk dystopia started yesterday

The leading regime of our society is the republic model. It favours greatly people with the power to diffuse and transmit information towards power. For such a republic to work would suppose people with useful skills can also maintain strong PR and have mediatic coverage, which is not the case.

The day when we see a mathematician in charge of matters of cryptography and computer security in a state is not near, it is not one of our age

@icedquinn Having read The Prince, I don't think actual Machiavelian teaching are inherrently bad. Just like a knife and be used constructively or destructively, the principles can be applied to better the society. It is however incompatible with anarchism or anti-republic government. I am myself against republican regimes as I don't see representation as democratic but as oligarchic

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@icedquinn @rok0 Being crazy is its own reward, just like recursion.

Also I envisioned using raspeberries, but that will be so many of them

@Meandres Yo, envoie moi ton CV je vais voir se que je peux faire.

“Aux nouveaux riches : quand on vous reproche une faute de français, répondez que c'est un latinisme.” - Paul-Jean Toulet

Hey there. I am looking for a short job or some kind of internship (would rather a paid one but meh). I'm finishing my Bachelor (French Licence) this year and I'd like to work a bit somewhere between june and august.
I dont really have a prefered subject nor a speciality since my bachelor is really general. I will continue next year in a Master in HPC but I wouldn't mind doing something else before that.
Ofc It would be full remote since I live in France.
I speak english good enough so that It wont get in the way (I got 8/9 on average at a recent IELTS test).

It really is a bottle in the sea but who knows, I want to be amazed by some Internet magic.

(Boosts appreciated :ablobcatheartsqueeze:​)

@guenther @florian They are, so are developers actually, even if our patrons are obscure, hideous, and speak strange manners of idioms

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@bgcarlisle I made this post a while back on twitter (link and while white supremacy is a problem, the polarization also is one, and the only way to remove that is to change the voting system which is not IIA to a voting system that is IIA

IIA means independent to irrelevant alternatives, also known as Chernoff condition

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@phessler It reminds me of that greek that got removed from history for burning Artemis (if I am not mistaken) Temple. They should also remove his name from his properties and bank accounts to pay his massive debts while they are at it

@ubiety @Nikolai_Kingsley One of the points of being your own boss is that you can pick who you work for, why you do so, and how you handle the job.

I have people trying to contract me for shady business every other day. My answer is no, but I document the encounter, what they wanted, how and why and for how much.

Were I in the place of the bartender, I would have asked for the ID of the guy, written it down, and showed him the door. This probably is what earned me my nickname of Archivist

@emmy I don't keep the Linux src, but the Plan9 one, because I am even more of a distributed system nerd than I am a techie :plan9:

@icedquinn We are in a civilization where those kind of proxy chains are lengthening, people nowadays got used to see deaths as numbers on a TV screen. You can put those numbers to any sort of manipulation you want.

You can say "COVID resulted in 500 deaths per day but driving resulted in 38'000 death per year" to drown the information.and that is the case with any of them.

As far as we are from The Prince, I fear that the cyberpunk dystopia is not a hundred years from now, but yesterday

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@envgen Lots of vaccines in the past used to contain eggs, and some still do. One of the primary concerns for military personal during the France-Algeria war was the difficulty of vaccinating military personel with albumin allergy: since all military vaccines contained it, this personel had to be left in military bases in France instead of sent abroad

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@rok0 @icedquinn
I mean HDMI not ethernet, seems like I am unreasonably tired

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@rok0 @icedquinn I agree with that, I personally want to screw a few monitors around my office to put my emails/social media as well as server monitoring and project management tools

The main issue with that is the amount of monitors I will be able to screw to my walls and the sheer number of ports required on a GPU to display on 15 screens in the perimeter surface of a large 4x4x4m cube. I have yet to find long enough ethernet cables

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