Alibaba subsidiary ported Android 10 to RISC-V and released the source
@GNUxeava I'd love for all devices to be on the same architecture, console manufacturers figured out that if they use the same architecture as their partners, they'd have about as much ability to get a port than the others.
and given that RISC V is much more powerful and less battery hungry than the other architectures, and that all they'd have to do is to take ARM and adapt that, we could see computer renaissance.
Honestly We've been needing this since forever. X86 has become such a power hungry monster that it's just not worth using it for any mobile device.
I see Risc V and ARM becoming the future of computing for the average user
@GNUxeava I find it funny that NVidia bought ARM at their peak. it can't go much higher from here. everything now is gonna be only small improvements.
RISC V has so much potential at the moment, I hear it can achieve power draw that is fractions of ARM at the same performance, and it's still in it's infancy. and also chip manufacturers don't have to pay anybody to use RISC V, giving manufacturers to produce their own chips with specific use cases in mind, that could be a massive game changer.
@GNUxeava If i were to predict the future, I believe ARM is gonna be a stepping-stone for RISC V. I feel everyone is gonna jump to RISC V as soon as it becomes fesable, and it's so damn close.
@GNUxeava me might actually be able to achieve laptops with FULL DAYS of battery life. we might actually have the ability to have our phones last more than a single day on a single charge.
that's some insane shit
@GNUxeava and as a result they could shrink the boards down quite a bit, and give more room for even more battery.
@GNUxeava that's enough for probably an entire week or more on RISC V power consumption will directly accord to the chip power and usage.
Feature phone with Risc-v will probably last long, a smartphone with risc-v will use up simmilar or maybe slightly less charge as the simmilarly powerful arm chip.

@replikvlt @GNUxeava M1 macs are only slightly better than X86 in terms of performance per watt, RISC straight up smashes everything else. you could almost say the others didn't even stand a chance
@GNUxeava @replikvlt it's sad that this RPI lookin ass outperformed every other desktop processor tested

@GNUxeava @Jessica @replikvlt Yep, basically the ARM engineers were testing a prototype CPU at some point the actual prototype had a defect. They only noticed after putting it out of the bench that it was basically running from the sole power of the memory bus

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