So, I would most appreciate boosts on this:

I am looking for a collaborator on creating my company NekoIT. Funds for now are enough to start the service once it is finished, but not to pay an employee. To whoever has sales and/or marketing skills and want to get free courses in programming while getting 30% equity on the company, or remotely agree with this: contact me here on mastodon or at ludovic (at)

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I want to mention that I have no care about nationality, gender, age or native language of any applicant. Only thing I care for are brains, skills and passion

@Archivist I read your website. So the product is encrypted cloud storage, right?
Who are the potential customers, companies or private people?

@JohanEmpa Both, target companies are companies sworn to secrecy (medical offices, lawfirms...) as well as private people.

The main point is that the software is relatively easy to use.

@Archivist okay. It's not immediately clear why your solution would be better than existing solutions, but I'm no law firm. It could still work of course, there are lots of successful products out there with relatively similar features.

@JohanEmpa Most of the products for encrypted storage either don't behave like a disk and hence may corrupt data from software that work under that assumption, or are slow, or are not actually encrypted on client side but rather on the server, which leads to a potential breach in privacy.

@JohanEmpa The goal of SStorage is to have a software that would behave like a disk in any to all circumstance (avoiding bugs) or as a network attached storage if expected (again, avoiding bugs) while featuring strong configurable encryption.

This comes with the caveat that it is impossible to recover data in case the user lost his key.

@Archivist that's complicated to sell to a medical office or lawyer. Very hard to explain.

There's literally no difference between a disk, a cloud and a network attached storage. All are places you save your document. Disk is actually the least known word, it's usually called hard drive isn't it? Which is roughly the same as all the other ones. It's like the folder h where IT tells you to save documents.

Sounds really complicated to explain the word disk.

@Archivist but perhaps your potential customers know about all that and actually want bug free disks with configurable encryption. It just sounded like it could be hard to explain to the average person.

@JohanEmpa So, from the bit of probing and interviews, people are actually quite concerned with the safety of their data. Medical professionals are not putting a lot of trust in most cloud solutions as they don't guarantee a lot of security most of the time (it is rarely the focus) so they tend to actually host their own servers on site or do everything on their desktop computer on site if possible.

The goal is to provide an alternative to that current model

@JohanEmpa We are in an era where people are actually pretty concerned about security, particularly the 18-35 yo slice of the population. From a survey I did in the street in december 2019, about half of the interrogated people were using at least one data privacy enhancing tool, whenever it was a VPN, open-source operating systems, encrypted hard-drives...

@Archivist I agree with you that safety of data is important. Encryption is not a bad thing. It's just the word disk that is difficult to understand/explain.

If I was a lawyer I might listen to something like "encrypted cloud storage on servers in EU, we do the backups so it's all good" which immediately sounds better than unencrypted cloud in a big country outside of EU.
If the alternative of a small lawyer is a backup HD in a safe in the office, your solution sounds good

@JohanEmpa I agree with you, and this is why I am looking for an associate: I am no salesperson, I am an engineer/craftperson

@Archivist I found your whitepaper. Looks good.

I ask a lot of questions out of curiosity, I like your company. It's small and very early stage, a bit like my company. I'm not interested in the collaboration you're looking for, but it would be nice to connect on LinkedIn for example.

An opinion: Be careful of signing away 30% of your company to the first marketer that shows up "whoever". I would say that for 30% it must be an exceptional match of personality and skills (and a proper contract)

@Archivist With the wrong paperwork, he shows up, gets 30 % of the company, leaves after 3 months and keeps 30 % of your company. After 10 years you and your new co-founders have worked hard and the company is bigger - the dude that left after 3 months still have that 30 % (With the right papers you and him get a fair deal)

It's a bit tricky, because everyone needs a co-founder to get somewhere, but also a lawyer to make sure the paperwork is solid

(luckily your customers seems to be lawyers)

@JohanEmpa Don't worry, I am the overly cautious kind of person and won't take the first marketer's word I hear for true and I have some legal counselling around to handle the paperwork in a safe way. I appreciate the concerns though.

I will send you my LinkedIn (when I find out what my password is for this one)

@Archivist That sounds very good with the legal counseling. 👍 🙂 It's a challenge to find the right persons in the beginning.

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