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Who wants to be free should not use Google, Facebook and similar garbage. Must report abusers of their data to authorities, anyone using other people’s data without consent or permission commits a crime, anyone using Whatsapp at school or with minors commits a crime.

Chamath Palihapitiya about facebook

"Digital Synallagmatic contract"

If services and social media are e-commerce, they are not free, they have a price that you do not pay in money, but you pay with your life, with your essence.

If you change the way you buy, you also change the things you buy, in the same way, change the things you sell, if rights make them goods, consumers will sell their rights as consumer goods.

"The right to privacy and health are not negotiable rights"

"Some news to spread"

For those who think or say that Google is transparent, or that it treats users' data in a clear way.

Google is the most dangerous thing on the planet today.
Much more than the atomic bomb.

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Emerging surveillance methods include high-altitude balloons, as noted by @OaklandPrivacy, a grassroots group in the Electronic Frontier Alliance.

"boycott Google and Facebook is a right of resistance"

These corporate clowns want to sell us poison for technological progress.
Progress is technology that helps man not the algorithm that controls it.

Google is one of the most technological machines that have ever existed to disintegrate the human being.

Google, Facebbok, Amazon and Microsoft are slowly replacing the natural instincts of human beings with unnatural (artificial) instincts.

Facebook and Google first want access to the individual consciousness of every person on earth.
Google, Amazon, and Facebook as Microsoft and all other companies are a huge computer :
Trojan, Malware and Spyware
that is infecting the human race like a pandemic.
These dangerous computer viruses have entered people’s lives, homes and minds and are making their bodies sick by sucking their conscience, it is a terrible thing and nobody stops them.

Today people seem uninterested in a right such as privacy that is part of the Declaration of Human Rights, and companies profit us as if it were a product to sell.

is at this point!


Then let’s not get fooled!

"Boycott Google and Facebook"

otherwise our end is already written in the film Idiocrasy

"People have renounced the fight for true human rights, first and foremost privacy"

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