Anyone have any recommendations for a CLI to Mastodon. Currently using tootstream but I wasn't sure if there were any better options out there..

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@0xdecafbad can't really recommend toot[1] - it doesn't respect your mutes when displaying the federated timeline.
I've been hearing good things about bitlbee-mastodon[2], though.

@0xdecafbad ok mmm, I've had a think ^_^, and basically, it depends on your use case:
if you want something to navigate your home timeline, toot might be okay.
Maybe I was a bit too hasty with dismissing it, even for browsing the federated timeline, maybe it just needed a reload to fetch the mutes, I'll investigate further.

I am trying to figure out mass unfavourite or mass delete boosts with Toot.

any resource, I get dig into?

@fireglow @0xdecafbad

@noorul I haven't tried out toot yet so I am not sure. I'll let you know if I find out..

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